I find this film so comforting to watch, everything is framed just so. And then, there are Emory Cohen’s looks. Phew.


The Gosling lean never looked better than in this film.

Obvious Child

perfection: dancing, this Paul Simon song, Jenny Slate, this film.

Women on women

I love checking out other women and their outfits. Infinitely more interesting than men.


Re-watched this film. A perfect confection, and is there anyone out there who doesn’t fall in love with Keri Russell?


The stylings and colour palette in this film are just visual delights. There should be more films in which the future is retro-future-pastel, rather than shiny, hi-tech, chrome. The wardrobes are fantastic. Amy Adams looks like a dream best friend in her outfits, so casual-preppy-functional with trousers cut at the perfect just-so point on her […]


A joyous, anarchic film with incredible visuals.