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End of foundation

A severe lack of updates throughout my final project/my summer has made me want to get back to posting work now I’m back at uni.

Just to finish off, work I never posted from foundation:

(Type project – made from windows in the cambers building. some of the letters like “K” and “X” are disgusting but I was so tired by the end it was the best I could do.)

(ideas pages)

(a prototype of the final project – bound by stitching, made of japanese paper -vvvvvvv. expensive, screenprinted, 6 pages + cover)

final project · sketchbook


Some things from my final project material-gathering:

Oktomat photo

I’m also using video camera film footage. I am not really sure about how I’m going to cut up the motion from film, but I want to make them look like stills and then work from there.

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Inherent in the Rhumb Line


I am definitely going to see this.

All maps are inherently metaphorical; they are political tools constructed through historical contingencies that require interpretation. Impositions that model behaviour, and the generality that paradigms evoke, consistently interest Weiner. Inherent in the Rhumb Line questions metaphorical understandings of the world.

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