28 photos for the 28 years I’d lived before arriving in Japan. A5 size, landscape and only 50 printed in the UK. Now available.

New dress

Made this dress the other day. Pleased that I am getting the fit better. Although this could easily be rectified if I decided to make a proper pattern… I kind of like the trial and error though.

Making a bag

So, I’m still circumventing my buying-clothing-ban by making things that I want instead. And it’s great, since I’m learning new skills, improving others, and getting to grips with leather. Might move onto making leather purses after this. It’s a nice material to sew with. Just waiting on my leather and tools in the post now, […]

Pictures in print

A glimpse of images and text that are particularly working for me aesthetically at the moment. What I can’t show you is the feel of the paper, the noise (or lack of) as you turn the page, the colours that pop in contrast, and the feeling that, for some reason, these things will last longer […]