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Inpå Bara Huden

I can’t embed this, but trust me, it’s worth the click-through.
It’s a mini-magazine/photoshoot by BON magazine. And I think it’s a great example of how media on the internet should start working. It’s not Flash; slow with long waiting times, it’s javascript and HTML5. And it loads incredibly quickly. Very very exciting.
And as for a way of showcasing clothing… it’s game-changing. Imagine all the details you lose in lookbooks and websites of fabric and cut and instead cross photoshoots with the benefits of live catwalk shows. What it could do for well-made clothes could change fast-fashion consumption.

Inpå Bara Huden

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Muji Product Fitness

Sometimes it’s really good being on mailing lists. I got sent a newsletter about how Muji were doing a one-week exhibition at the Design Museum about creating ‘Product Fitness’- basically that idea if we just managed to reduce consumption by 20%, it would reduce a lot of waste and yet not compromise usability.

An idea to be applauded and worked on. These (below) were particularly good examples I thought (there were some that were perhaps less practical/affordable):

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Leather working

So this is the nicest, cleanest, most modern leatherworking studio I’ve ever seen, and I want it.
What I hate though, is that nice videos of people making things is always, ALWAYS full of men with beards. Are there no women out there doing these things? I caught a glimpse of one lady watch-making on her own in a predominately male environment at a video of a designer/makers trade show, but that’s it so far.

There’s a deluge of videos about men making things, but women seem to only be featured when they’re cycling bicycles, changing clothes, making bunting, or knitting.
I think I’m going to set up a club for making things, and it’s going to be women-only. We gotta support each other, when there seems to be such a dearth of women-makers!