Rolling along

I gets weary, sick of tryin’
I’m tired of livin’, feared of dyin’
But ol’ man river
He just keeps
rolling along

I miss the feeling of going somewhere and living a life expectant that tomorrow brings surprises and pleasures, sunsets and joy. Lately I have been collecting chestnuts and wearing a big check coat, sitting on a bench and staring at browning leaves and crisp blue skies. The change in seasons never fail me.

journal · Taiwan

The Old Zhuilu Trail

Travelled down to Hualien to visit Taroko National Park. I was still ill but determined to go since it was the sole reason I was there. In my fuzzy sick state I didn’t realise I had booked a solid hike and the temperature never dropped beneath 28c, but there were moments of perfection on the way up. Greeting the mountains when you’re at their height is a feeling I’ll never get used to.