Aurland Lookout

I am missing the sweeping scenery of Norway, the Austrian Alps and those cold places where we’d wake up with a view from our tent. This is an amazing lookout designed by Saunders Architecture in Aurland, Norway. There’s a glass partition so you can walk right up to the edge and probably feel like you […]

Food glorious food

Went to the Soho Food Feast on Saturday and it was incredible. I was so full I felt a little bit ill but the atmosphere was great, the weather was great and the food was incredible so it all ended well. There was an incredible amount of food on offer, but I only (!) had […]

MT expo

It is sort of my dream to go to Japan and work at mt tapes, doing almost anything… Just look at these photos from last year’s tape expo and expo opening party where you could get custom-sized tapes cut up for you! Just think of what lovely mysteries the factory holds… All these photos are […]