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London Gatwick > Bergen Flesland, Norway > (walking 45 minutes in pouring rain at midnight with no map and no idea where we were going) > Bergen Sentrum > Voss > Gudvangen > Flam > Myrdal > Oslo > Oslo Torp > London Stansted = approx. 1677 miles of travelling in 3 nights and 3 days.

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credit punch

I got a twitter but I don’t really know what it’s about/for? But I fold to peer pressure – keeping up with the kids. Even Charlie Brooker uses it. So there must be something good about it. And Stephen Fry is now following my updates, haha.

I did more baking.

I went to Paris and ate so many pastries. Spent so much money on food! No French McDonald’s for me, it was the real French cuisine all the way. We ate in old institutions and cafes. The necklace was made from a cheap bracelet I got from Paris.

I had my deadline last week and didn’t photograph the work before I handed in so… I will have to wait until I get it back. But I think I need a new camera since my one, with over 5 years of service and having kept me company in three foreign countries, is struggling now.