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a late new year

A bit late, but it was Chinese New Year. I’ve been very very very busy though as my deadline is this Friday and still have so much to do. Trying to keep my head down…

It’s distracting when there are all these gigs I could be buying tickets for though:

Metronomy, 24 feb

Basement Jaxx, 28/29 april

Florence & the Machine, 28 may

Blur, 2 july


Owl Parliament (w/ Johnny Flynn, Laura Marling, Herman Dune, Jeffrey Lewis…)

I will post actual work at some point, I promise!

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love in my tummy

I didn’t feel like doing any work today – bad – but I wanted to do something so I did some baking.

Walnut and sugar squares (out of the More from Magnolia book)

Vanilla cupcakes with pastel pink buttercream icing. (I used a new recipe for these, I think they taste and look nicer but they don’t rise as much.)

I really want a dog (or a nice cat)… but I think it’s the cold weather as it’s mostly the thought of being able to cuddle up to a dog, or have a cat sit on my feet, that appeals. I don’t think I’d like to take a dog out for a walk in the cold, which would kind of be a problem. So no dogs for me. Watching films about dogs though… Bruce Weber’s ‘A Letter to True’:

Though I don’t understand what war has got to do with his dogs? And the only way to get it is in a box set with a lot of other Bruce Weber films… I would quite like to see ‘Let’s Get Lost’ (which I’ve heard is really good), but I’m not that interested in the others. And it costs £50 on amazon. I’m trying to cut down on spending though, so this isn’t an indulgence I can really justify. Boo.

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Yes We Can

The BFI staff tshirt I had to wear whilst working. But mostly I just hid it in my bag and wore black.

Some cress… I thought about growing it into typeforms but in the time scale we have that’s not really going to work. I’m not sure, maybe I’ll cut up lots of cress. I would like to do something with light though. Maybe light and newsprint paper? There isn’t any sunshine about these days…

And the other thing is a card by Rob Ryan, the best card ever.

My collection of polaroid film (add another 4 boxes to this, now) – they’re all packs of 20. I’m too poor to keep going.

Also, Obama won! Good news.