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Vivian Maier

Vivian Maier @ German Gymnasium, King’s Cross (Until 24 July) £3.50
One of the more unusual stories in the London Street Photography Festival – a prolific street photographer who shoots over 10,000 negatives, keeps them secretly in storage and to herself, but eventually has to sell them all in poverty and dies before anyone can take notice of her huge body of work.
If you can’t make it to the German Gymnasium, there’s an ongoing project through her website to catalogue all her work, so there are plenty of photos to view online.
Her portraits of children playing on the street are particularly intriguing.

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Japan At Home

There is an enlightening exhibition on at the Geffyre Museum at the moment- Japan At Home, which looks at the average Japanese home… decidedly non-minimalist and full of strange and interesting traditions. So it was the perfect draw to visit a museum I had been wanting to see for a while.

I learnt a lot about Japanese etiquette and customs, and there was even more to add that I read a little of in the book that was accompanying the show – The Japanese House, Material Culture in the Modern Home by Inge Daniels, photography Susan Andrews.

I really liked that they didn’t clutter the ‘home’ set-up too much, and kept a lot of it in the photos and text explanations, as I think it would have been rather overwhelming to try and take in and understand… almost a culture shock, really. Instead it gave you tiny glimpses and encouraged you to read about all the rooms, and find displays hidden away in draws. Certainly worth the £5 entry fee, but then I have always been curious about Japanese culture and their homes and architecture.