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Went to see the Edward Burtynsky exhibition at the Photographer’s Gallery, which has recently re-opened.

It’s full of great thought-provoking photographs and it’s a great introduction to Burtynsky’s work, but I felt there was a vacuum of information that the gallery curators could have supplied. It’s a very pertinent topic, the question of our oil dependency and how we consume and dispose of the products but this was barely explained. I felt it would have been beneficial and helpful to have more captions next to the work, as I’m sure Burtynsky has a lot to say on the subject.

Having seen Manufactured Landscapes, an amazing documentary, which follows Burtynsky’s work photographing factories and industries, and which has a very strong message about the way we consume, I felt this photography show to be quiet and did not have the gravity that could be afforded the subject.

Saying that, the photographs themselves are very interesting, and it’s worth going to see for that alone. And to check out the newly renovated building!

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Food glorious food

Went to the Soho Food Feast on Saturday and it was incredible. I was so full I felt a little bit ill but the atmosphere was great, the weather was great and the food was incredible so it all ended well. There was an incredible amount of food on offer, but I only (!) had a go at (in order of tastiness): a crispy pork cheek burger from St John, sweet potato fries and chicken from Cabana, ice cream from Gelupo, Ham and melon from Brindisa, a huge red velvet cake slice, plantain salad from Kopapa, chicken salad from the Ivy, and a canape platter from Polpo. Oh and bought lots of goat’s cheese and onion and sourdough bread from Gail’s. And a strawberry scone (with real strawberries).

Uggggggh my stomach! But I am definitely going again next year!

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Brunei Gallery

Went to the Brunei Gallery recently, which had three Japanese shows on- one about fans (there was a great half and hour film about making fans that was in Japanese but followed the process through every small step), and two about the earthquake/tsunami disaster, one in the form of photography, the other in the form of ceramics.

It’s an amazing little secret gallery that is worth visiting. Especially due to the quiet roof garden.
All of the shows finish this Saturday.