Rolling along

I gets weary, sick of tryin’
I’m tired of livin’, feared of dyin’
But ol’ man river
He just keeps
rolling along

I miss the feeling of going somewhere and living a life expectant that tomorrow brings surprises and pleasures, sunsets and joy. Lately I have been collecting chestnuts and wearing a big check coat, sitting on a bench and staring at browning leaves and crisp blue skies.

One day I’ll write about all the trains I’ve travelled on, and where they’ve taken me.


Last day in Japan

I squeezed in a visit to the Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum which was so good I overran my schedule and only just managed to catch the last bus from Shinjuku to the airport. One last sleep in a capsule at the airport before leaving.



I learned to love getting lost in Tokyo. A super metropolis, super city, super time. Two weeks here wasn’t enough, but filled with karaoke, new friends and old friends visiting, endless shopping (which I had been strict about up til this point), izakayas, new on top of old, the best street snacks. A lifetime in this place probably wouldn’t be enough.